Light It Up!

Want to know what is big right now?


We mean this in size and design importance!

Something that was originally so simple is now becoming the focal point of most spaces we are doing and a way to make a statement. It is becoming increasingly more common for us to see a significant raise in project budget going towards intricate, beautiful, unique lighting. Take a look at our website at some of our recent projects and see for yourself!

Popular styles? Lighting with an edge. Or a curve. Something with dimension. And size is increasingly getting bigger… Oversized hanging lights are making a statement!

To stay up with our current projects, follow us on Instagram. We are doing our best to learn as much as we can so we can better provide for our clients. We have a lot of connections that talk us through styles, trends, and where we will see our industry progressing. So you can trust us. Or let our work speak for itself.