In the dental industry? You're going to want to know us...

Are you in the dental/healthcare industry and interested in opening up a new clinic, additional clinic, or doing an expansion? You’ve come to the right place. We have a formula for turning over beautiful dental clinics in impressive time and within the agreed upon budget.
Why? How? Let us explain.

The why is easy. We understand business, since we are a successful one. We understand that the longer your clinic takes, the longer it is until you get your patients in and taken care of. It is purely with that thought in mind that makes us work. Hard.

The how is less easy. The ‘how’ is building great relationships with hard working contractors, electricians, plumbers, dental suppliers, and interior designers that all have the same belief and understanding that we do. The belief that time is money and you are in the industry of helping people. This has come from practice. In 2017 we did 17 dental clinic constructions and at the start of this year alone have completed 5 more.

Working hard, being well-rehearsed, and being diligent. We don’t take on more projects than we can handle and we are delivering beautiful clinics. Check out our Instagram for our ongoing updates of finished clinics. We understand the newest trends and can make great recommendations. Our clients just have to be willing to work hard with us, and we can deliver exceptional results.

Whatever you need, we're here to help [design, consultation, help with landlords, small or big fixes]. We feel really lucky to be in the dental community and do what it takes to make a great name for ourselves.

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