How to Choose a Contractor

There are a lot to choose from. So, how do you?

Well, we like to suggest you pick the person you’d like to deal with. Everyone will over-promise on timelines, and although budget is important, it shouldn’t be your main focus. Why? Because numbers can change so easily depending on who you talk to. Plus, budget is solely dependant on the type of space you are looking to develop, what fixtures you choose, etc.

So, hire someone you like. Someone you like to talk to, someone that gives you straight answers, explains things clearly and in a language you understand, and who answers the call. We like to think we are that someone. We are there 24/7 because we know how important these builds are to our clients and we want to deliver. People like us because we are honest, hard-working, and we don’t just tell you what you want to hear. We explain our strategy, and we work with you as well as for you.

It always helps to choose someone who you know has done great work. You can see from our portfolio we are experienced and we’ve delivered on some big projects in the city. Plus, we have great testimonials from our clients. There should be no better words of encouragement then someone who was in your shoes before.

Choose someone you like and want to work with. Simple.