Brand & Design

Design and brand: a parallel.

A brand: a way to reflect who you are, how you choose to do business, and where you’re going in the industry you are in. It is all encompassing from the logo, font, your 'voice'- how you speak (verbally and written), to your morals/values, and way you conduct business. Your brand is how you identify your business to others. It is SO much more than the colours you choose.

We love to incorporate your brand into our construction. To do this means you’ve thought this all out. You have a plan, a goal, and you are motivated to be successful. Whether its your logo incorporated into your decor, your slogan written on the wall behind the front desk, having a kids area to promote the value of 'family', to incorporating your RGB values into wall colour, tile colour, etc. We create an environment that reflects your business. Which should reflect you.

So be sure to think this through or seek our help! We, of course, are connected to experts in this field. A great brand is the first step to a great business. Set yourself on the right path for success.

This food for thought is brought to you by a member of the GH team who focuses on strategy, business development, and brand identity.