Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

We want to give you an in-depth look of the construction of Bubba Gump. If you’ve come to our blog, chances are you’re interested in what we do and how we do it!

So, what does it take to build a 9,000 sf restaurant on the second floor of the second biggest mall in the world? Let us tell you!

First off, for those of you familiar with Bubba Gump, there are hundreds of locations across the US. What does this mean? This means that there is a LOT to compare to and try to directly imitate. This is quite possibly the biggest challenge in working with large chains. With an established brand, and a tried and true design, there isn’t much room (or desire) for improvising. The Bubba Gump design can best be described as “rustic” and “oceanic”. This mostly entails taking brand new material freshly installed and making it look old. Yes, this is much harder than one would think! One specific example was the corrugated metal panels that were made here locally were transitioned to look like those that you would see closer to oceans. We needed to give the restaurant the appearance that we were located near water (which, we clearly are not).

Not only were we not located near water, the existing space was a clothing store which we needed to transition into a fully functional, high quality restaurant. The change of use issues that arise with the mechanical and electrical engineering are tricky and necessary to mitigate immediately. Not to mention we needed to take the necessary precautions and extensive coordination with the downstairs tenant, Chapters. Working above an operating tenant around the clock to meet timelines while we give respect to their customers was extremely difficult and we also had the upper level to consider. In order to drop our make-up air exhaust fans and rooftop units, the accessibility was nearly impossible so an innovative solution was required. The solution? Helicopters! This along with very precise air traffic coordination by our Site Supervisors. We always say we have the right people, and in this case, it was very apparent. We worked with the best to intellectually come up with unique solutions to get the job done.

We knew how important of a project this was to everyone involved, and we took it seriously. Working with an international company means there is an elevated level of education that happens before you can begin as well as each step along the way. International processes can vastly differ from Canada, and we need to be the ones who advise our clients and effectively communicate them. We guided our clients through permitting, occupancy ratios and codes, and safely transitioned fire + safety regulations. With the strict timelines, we were able to expedite such things like AGLC approvals. Knowing the right people to get things done will always be one of our biggest advantages. Consistent and often daily communication with their project lead based out of Texas was a vital component to manage. With technology, we were able to provide instant photos mid-conversation, weekly reports, and whatever else was required for them to visualize the progress.

We are so proud to have worked with such a successful company. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! Delicious food, great staff, and a unique environment.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Well, with GH, you do know what you’re going to get. Your project delivered as desired.

Thanks for reading -

The GH Team

How to Choose a Contractor

There are a lot to choose from. So, how do you?

Well, we like to suggest you pick the person you’d like to deal with. Everyone will over-promise on timelines, and although budget is important, it shouldn’t be your main focus. Why? Because numbers can change so easily depending on who you talk to. Plus, budget is solely dependant on the type of space you are looking to develop, what fixtures you choose, etc.

So, hire someone you like. Someone you like to talk to, someone that gives you straight answers, explains things clearly and in a language you understand, and who answers the call. We like to think we are that someone. We are there 24/7 because we know how important these builds are to our clients and we want to deliver. People like us because we are honest, hard-working, and we don’t just tell you what you want to hear. We explain our strategy, and we work with you as well as for you.

It always helps to choose someone who you know has done great work. You can see from our portfolio we are experienced and we’ve delivered on some big projects in the city. Plus, we have great testimonials from our clients. There should be no better words of encouragement then someone who was in your shoes before.

Choose someone you like and want to work with. Simple.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensaries

The time is here. The time is now.

Are you a dispensary looking for a contractor for your project? Everything is a go, you’re just waiting for official approval?

We pride ourselves on our ability to turn around projects. We don’t mess around. We know deadlines are there for a reason, and that reason is to start making money sooner. We get that, we really do. As a preferred general contractor in West Edmonton Mall, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the retail environment. Our strengths are showcased through our work. We are a prominent player in the healthcare industry, building sophisticated and high-class dental clinics with intricate detail. This experience can be translated into the quality of work that you are looking for to display your products and educate your clientele. You want to tell a story, we want to help you.

Let us guide you through permitting, design, and construction. We have the right people, we know the right people, and you're going to need somebody!

Behind the scenes... who we are

We’re growing our presence on social media and think it’s important to introduce who we are and what makes us different. Different? Everybody says that. Maybe, but if you don’t believe that what you are doing is different, how are you striving to be the best?

Different often doesn’t mean better. In our case, it does. When we say ‘better’ we mean better for you, our clients. We have an effective system and way of doing things that helps us turn over amazing spaces in an efficient timeframe. It’s a ‘different’ way of executing the project and one that we have perfected. We are making a name for ourselves in the construction game and competing with large companies that have been around for decades. As much as we’d like to say this comes down to us, as owners, being meticulous and diligent and driven for greatness, we know that what we have done really, really well is hire a great group of people that allow us to deliver. We hire people and companies that have a common belief and that we connect with. After all, if you're not connected to the people you're working for and with, what is truly the point?

So, what else is different? Us. When you call GH, you call first the owners of the company. We answer the calls, every time. As big as we get, this is what we want to keep consistent. We will always simply care. Our motivation is the growth of our business through clients that speak highly of us.

We’re excited to have a platform to showcase our team’s talents. Follow along with us, we have a lot on the go!

Check back here for a section on "Our Team" coming soon! 

Light It Up!

Want to know what is big right now?


We mean this in size and design importance!

Something that was originally so simple is now becoming the focal point of most spaces we are doing and a way to make a statement. It is becoming increasingly more common for us to see a significant raise in project budget going towards intricate, beautiful, unique lighting. Take a look at our website at some of our recent projects and see for yourself!

Popular styles? Lighting with an edge. Or a curve. Something with dimension. And size is increasingly getting bigger… Oversized hanging lights are making a statement!

To stay up with our current projects, follow us on Instagram. We are doing our best to learn as much as we can so we can better provide for our clients. We have a lot of connections that talk us through styles, trends, and where we will see our industry progressing. So you can trust us. Or let our work speak for itself.


Brand & Design

Design and brand: a parallel.

A brand: a way to reflect who you are, how you choose to do business, and where you’re going in the industry you are in. It is all encompassing from the logo, font, your 'voice'- how you speak (verbally and written), to your morals/values, and way you conduct business. Your brand is how you identify your business to others. It is SO much more than the colours you choose.

We love to incorporate your brand into our construction. To do this means you’ve thought this all out. You have a plan, a goal, and you are motivated to be successful. Whether its your logo incorporated into your decor, your slogan written on the wall behind the front desk, having a kids area to promote the value of 'family', to incorporating your RGB values into wall colour, tile colour, etc. We create an environment that reflects your business. Which should reflect you.

So be sure to think this through or seek our help! We, of course, are connected to experts in this field. A great brand is the first step to a great business. Set yourself on the right path for success.

This food for thought is brought to you by a member of the GH team who focuses on strategy, business development, and brand identity.

In the dental industry? You're going to want to know us...

Are you in the dental/healthcare industry and interested in opening up a new clinic, additional clinic, or doing an expansion? You’ve come to the right place. We have a formula for turning over beautiful dental clinics in impressive time and within the agreed upon budget.
Why? How? Let us explain.

The why is easy. We understand business, since we are a successful one. We understand that the longer your clinic takes, the longer it is until you get your patients in and taken care of. It is purely with that thought in mind that makes us work. Hard.

The how is less easy. The ‘how’ is building great relationships with hard working contractors, electricians, plumbers, dental suppliers, and interior designers that all have the same belief and understanding that we do. The belief that time is money and you are in the industry of helping people. This has come from practice. In 2017 we did 17 dental clinic constructions and at the start of this year alone have completed 5 more.

Working hard, being well-rehearsed, and being diligent. We don’t take on more projects than we can handle and we are delivering beautiful clinics. Check out our Instagram for our ongoing updates of finished clinics. We understand the newest trends and can make great recommendations. Our clients just have to be willing to work hard with us, and we can deliver exceptional results.

Whatever you need, we're here to help [design, consultation, help with landlords, small or big fixes]. We feel really lucky to be in the dental community and do what it takes to make a great name for ourselves.

Take a look at our healthcare projects here.