Our Team

Our strength lies in our ability to hire and retain great people. We know we are only as strong as our team and we are proud to present these people to our potential clients.


Project Managers

Nadder BW.jpg

nadder jomha
Founder, Project Manager

The boss. The name which is required to run a successful business. The most essential part of GH is hiring good people to do great work. Grown from his basement, Nadder has done this. He is easy to like, exudes passion for his work, and genuinely tells the truth. Growing up with a business background, he approaches each of his projects with this mentality first.

Fun fact: He loves to call people “brotha” and actually has 4 of them.

Terry BW.jpg

Terry Jomha
principal, Project Manager

The operations behind GH. Terry keeps things afloat and has fun doing it. We think.
There isn’t normally a question he doesn’t have the answer to and there's rarely a phone call he doesn't take. Terry understands that details matter, timelines matter, and people matter. He is driven by his clients and making sure their vision comes to life in our construction.

Fun fact: Claims to be friends with Mike Tyson. Two peas in a pod really.

jordan BW .png

jordan Campbell
Project manager

Jordan has been with us from the beginning and we are grateful. Started as a Site Supervisor and has since become a Project Manager. He’s lead numerous dental clinics and is very well liked by our clients (to the best of our knowledge). Our dental clinics require a high degree of meticulous and detailed work. He thrives off of bringing concepts to reality and thoroughly understanding what our designers are looking to achieve. 

Fun fact: He can do the floss. But don't ask him, because I may have made that up.

Site Supervisors

Giles BW.jpg

giles carothers

As far as a team-player goes, theres none better than Giles. He’s an honest guy, with a high level of integrity and simply loves problem solving. There’s not regularly a day where Giles isn’t doing some form of carpentry on site. It’s his craft and we’re not stopping it.

Fun fact: Likes basketball, plays basketball, watches basketball, but somehow isn’t a ____ fan.

Little BW.jpg

dave little

He’s been with us for awhile and yet we still have a hard time understanding his British accent. Dave is the guy that is always there when you need him to do whatever job is required and has never had a client complain about him. Wife, maybe. But not a client.

Fun fact: Legitimately, played in a band on a cruise ship and has stepped foot on every continent but one.


Mark Foster

Having ran his own residential construction company, Mark understands what makes a company successful and knows how dedicated you need to be to this craft. He’s a quick learner and has an eye for detail. I guess you could say those are two pretty handy traits in the construction industry.

Fun fact: Mark is a single dad and oh-so rad.

Bodman BW.jpg

dave Bodman

Find a guy that likes building dental clinics more than this guy, we dare you. He’s done some interesting work in the last 20 years but we’re grateful to have had him on our team for the last couple. With dental clinics, there isn’t an opportunity to become bored with the short schedules which keeps him motivated.

Fun fact: Apparently, he only has 19 years to go before retirement.

Nuss Jomha


The guy who pays our bills, your bills, and well, everyone’s bills. He’s our right-hand guy that keeps us going. Literally, because of all the bill paying.

Fun fact: We can pretty much call him a Cirque-de-soleil star, as he was pulled on stage one time.

Laura Deeks

Marketing & Business Development

The one who made everyone else have a bio, so was forced to have one herself. Working on getting the GH name out there so people can start to recognize the great work all the above individuals, and our trades do. 

Fun Fact: Once met Michael Jordan at a resort in Mexico and happened to say something totally embarrassing. BUT, did in fact get a photo.